How to Stream ‘Bottoms’ – Your Viewing Guide

Navigating the high school dating scene can be a challenging task for queer women. Questions abound: where do you meet potential partners? Which clubs or groups should you join? And perhaps most importantly, how do you decipher if someone is interested in taking things to the next level? Luckily, the new LGBTQ+ comedy film, “Bottoms,” is here to hilariously address these uncertainties within the context of a bloody and unconventional coming-of-age story. Described by its creators as “Gay High School Fight Club,” “Bottoms” promises to be the must-see hit of the summer.

But the burning questions remain: Where can you watch “Bottoms,” and is it available on streaming services yet? Allow us to provide the answers you seek.

Bottoms Hits US Cinemas: Is It Available for Streaming
Bottoms Hits US Cinemas: Is It Available for Streaming

Where Can I Watch Bottoms?

“Bottoms” premiered with a limited release in US cinemas starting on Friday, August 25. The film’s availability expanded to additional US cities on Thursday, August 31. International fans need not fret, as “Bottoms” is set to make its way to UK cinemas on November 3, bringing the comedy across the pond.

Is “Bottoms” Available on Streaming Services?

As of the latest information, “Bottoms” has not made its debut on streaming platforms, as it is currently exclusively playing in cinemas. However, there is good news for those who prefer to enjoy movies from the comfort of their own screens. “Bottoms” became digitally available on Amazon Prime on September 22, allowing viewers to rent or purchase it.

Regarding which streaming platform “Bottoms” might eventually grace, nothing has been officially confirmed. However, an educated guess would point toward Amazon Prime Video. This speculation stems from the fact that Orion Pictures, the company behind the film, is owned by Amazon through its Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer subsidiary.

Let’s delve into the movie’s intriguing synopsis: “In this refreshingly unique comedy, two girls, PJ and Josie, initiate a fight club with an unconventional objective—to lose their virginities to cheerleaders. Remarkably, their bizarre plan starts gaining traction, and soon, the most popular girls in school find themselves engaged in combat in the name of self-defense. However, PJ and Josie soon realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew and desperately seek an exit strategy before their unconventional plan is exposed.”

Directed by Emma Seligman and co-written with Rachel Sennott, who also stars in the film alongside Ayo Edebiri, “Bottoms” has garnered positive reviews, boasting a current Fresh rating of 98%.

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