Internet Scratches Its Head as TikToker Unveils Color-Coded Bottoms of Red Bull Cans.

A recent TikTok video has left the internet buzzing with intrigue as it delves into the peculiar world of Red Bull can bottoms. With the energy drink market overflowing with an abundance of brands and flavors, selecting the ideal beverage can sometimes feel overwhelming. But if you’re a devoted Red Bull aficionado, your choice may have just become a smidgen simpler.

In a puzzling revelation, TikToker Miles Rubery, known by her handle ‘milesruberybfdd’, uploaded a clip suggesting a unique color-coding technique employed by Red Bull to categorize its drinks. Upon closer inspection, each can houses a tiny dot painted at its base. Miles asserts that, in her experience, a can marked with a blue dot equates to the most delightful flavor.

TikToker Unravels Mystery of Color-Coded Dots on Red Bull Cans, Leaving Viewers Baffled.
TikToker Unravels Mystery of Color-Coded Dots on Red Bull Cans, Leaving Viewers Baffled.

She candidly expressed in her post, “Yes, I’m that girl who inspects every Red Bull in the store until I spot that elusive blue dot. If you’re unaware of this, time to get enlightened,” leaving her audience both amused and intrigued.

The ambiguous caption accompanying the video teased, “Only true Red Bull enthusiasts will get this.”

For those scratching their heads, the flurry of comments beneath the video offered some clarity. It seems these colored dots are indicative of specific production lines, aiding in tracing any potential issues back to their source. However, the reason behind certain loyalists’ penchant for a particular dot color remains a mystery. One user chimed in, suggesting that the color-coding impacts the taste. “Yellow dots lean towards a tangy flavor, while red signifies a sweeter taste,” they mentioned.

Elaborating on her preference for the blue dot, Miles remarked, “In my opinion, drinks from cans with the dark blue dot have a richer and more robust flavor. Many folks I’ve spoken to share this sentiment.”

While some whimsically hoped for an added dose of superpowers with the blue dot, it seems we’ll have to keep our expectations grounded. For more quirky tidbits and entertainment updates, feel free to browse our dedicated news section.

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