Milt Larsen, Creator of Hollywood’s Iconic Magic Castle, Dies at 92

Milt Larsen, the Mastermind Behind Hollywood’s Famed Magic Castle, Dies Peacefully at 92

Milt Larsen, the innovative force behind the celebrated Magic Castle in Hollywood, has passed away at the age of 92. He took his last breath surrounded by family and friends in the comfort of his Hollywood residence.

Founded in 1963 by Larsen and his brother Bill, the Magic Castle has become a revered sanctuary for magicians and the global headquarters for the Academy of Magical Arts. A legacy born from a family of illusionists, the Larsen siblings tirelessly championed the Castle, making it a global haven for magical enthusiasts.

In a grand celebration held at what was then known as the Kodak Theater, Milt marked the golden jubilee of his famed annual stage show, “It’s Magic!” in 2006. His influential contributions to the world of illusion were immortalized with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Beyond his magic empire, Larsen also carved out a successful career in writing. He joined forces with Richard M. Sherman, one-half of the famed Sherman Brothers, to create a variety of scores for nightclub acts, comedy sketches, and highly-regarded musicals like “Pazzazz!”

Additionally, Larsen made significant contributions to television programming, writing for shows like “Truth or Consequences” hosted by Bob Barker, as well as audience participation shows featuring notable names like Vin Scully and Jim Nabors.

Milt Larsen’s indelible influence in the magical arts and beyond has earned him a place of high esteem within various artistic communities. In a fitting tribute, “Magic” magazine in 1999 recognized his family as among the 100 most impactful magicians of the 20th century.

Larsen’s passing represents a monumental loss, deeply felt by admirers and proteges alike, but his immense creativity and boundless contributions have secured his everlasting legacy. His spirit and influence will continue to enrich the world of magic and entertainment, living on for generations to come.

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