Steven He’s Rise to Stardom Through His Viral ‘Emotional Damage’ Meme

How tall is Steven He?

Full Name Steven He O’Byrne
Date of Birth 31 December, 1996
Age 26 (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Shenzhen, China
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80m) approx
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs) approx
Eye Color Black
Dating Greta Schaub
Net Worth $2.5 million
Nationality American, Chinese, Irish


Standing at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 185 pounds, Steven He is more than just a towering figure; he’s a multi-talented force to be reckoned with in the realms of YouTube, TikTok, and comedy. Known also as Steven He O’Byrne, he blends a unique mix of American, Chinese, and Irish heritage into his craft.

Gaining fame as the ‘Emotional Damage’ YouTuber, Steven has mastered the art of creating laugh-out-loud sketches that hilariously satirize Asian parent stereotypes. His YouTube channel has become a comedic haven, boasting an incredible 10.6 million subscribers as of August.

Steven’s magnetic personality extends beyond the screen. He has a charm that’s impossible to ignore, captivating the hearts of many fans—whether he’s in character in his sketches or simply being himself. His smile alone has the power to light up a room, and it’s this raw, authentic magnetism that has earned him a dedicated following.

Steven He or Simu Liu: Who is taller?

In a buzz-worthy video, Steven He took to the basketball court alongside actor Simu Liu. Although the clip seems to be a throwback, it has been skillfully tailored to fit Steven’s well-known comedic archetype of the “Asian dad,” quickly gaining traction and a flood of views.

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but compare the two entertainers’ heights as they faced off on the court. According to reliable sources, Simu Liu stands at a notable 6 feet, just an inch taller than Steven’s 5 feet 11 inches.

Given this negligible height difference, fans have deduced that Steven’s stature is quite impressive and certainly holds its own when pitted against Liu. So, while Simu Liu might have a slight edge in the height department, it’s clear that Steven is no slouch in the height—or the talent—stakes.

Why is Steven He famous?

Steven He began carving his niche in the digital realm in 2019 with the launch of his YouTube channel, although he had already been making waves on TikTok with his short comedic sketches. It wasn’t long before he gained viral fame, thanks to a meme that resonated deeply with audiences: “Emotional Damage.”

The meme stemmed from his YouTube video, ‘When “Asian” is a Difficulty Mode,’ where Steven portrays an Asian character navigating the challenges of life set to an “Asian difficulty mode.” His character’s recurring defeats culminate in a moment of anguish when he’s branded “overweight” by a fictional “Aunty.” His response? Throwing a slipper and shouting, “Emotional Damage.”

This moment swiftly became meme gold, as fellow YouTubers began incorporating it into their content, propelling its virality and generating millions of added views. But the meme’s star truly ascended when it was ingeniously paired with a Billie Eilish video on TikTok in December 2021.

Continuing the trend, Steven revisited the viral catchphrase in a follow-up video in January 2022, deepening its cultural relevance. A TikToker further amplified the meme’s reach by remixing it into a catchy tune the same month.

The sheer impact of the ‘Emotional Damage’ meme was staggering, amassing over five billion views globally across various platforms. TikTok alone accounted for more than two billion of those views.

This whirlwind of attention led to a significant spike in Steven’s viewership and subscribers, eventually paving the way for the launch of his own merchandise line. Today, the meme continues to serve as a potent catalyst for his burgeoning digital empire.

Who is Simu Liu?

Canadian actor and martial artist Simu Liu has soared to fame, primarily capturing audiences as the lead in Marvel’s blockbuster ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’ But his journey to stardom was far from straightforward.

Born on April 19, 1989, in Harbin, China, Liu moved to the Greater Toronto Area during his formative years. There, he found a harmonious blend of his Chinese heritage and Western upbringing. Initially exploring careers in marketing and advertising, Liu made a decisive pivot to acting in 2013 — a move that would chart a new course for his life.

With his extensive and diverse acting portfolio, Liu has left an unforgettable impression in roles across various TV shows and movies, including fan-favorites like ‘Kim’s Convenience’ and ‘Blood and Water.’ His artistic prowess has not only catapulted him into the limelight but has also garnered him various accolades and award nominations.

Most recently, Liu showcased his talent in a supporting role as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie,’ sharing screen time with A-listers Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

As his star continues to rise, Liu’s multifaceted talents promise to make him a mainstay in the ever-changing landscape of global entertainment.

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