A Comprehensive List of Eliminations from ‘The Devil’s Plan

Amidst a tapestry of treacherous challenges and nerve-wracking confrontations, Netflix’s “The Devil’s Plan” has carved a name for itself by mercilessly culling its contestants, leaving many in tears and distress.

However, a specific round saw only two participants incarcerated, with zero eliminations. While the Prize match offered an entertaining puzzle-twist, failure ensured no addition to the prize kitty. As twelve participants battled in “The Devil’s Plan,” everyone aimed for dominance.

Netflix's "The Devil’s Plan" continues its ruthless saga, pushing contestants to their limits with intricate challenges, leaving a trail of emotion and devastation in its wake.
Netflix’s “The Devil’s Plan” continues its ruthless saga, pushing contestants to their limits with intricate challenges, leaving a trail of emotion and devastation in its wake.

A Fateful Decision: Guillaume Patry’s Unfortunate Exit

The introductory elimination witnessed Guillaume Patry’s departure. After pairing up with strategic allies and braving the Rules Race – a game of cause-and-effect decisions using colored blocks – Guillaume and team found themselves continually penalized, while their competitors flourished. His fate was sealed when a final showdown with Dong-jae saw him confined, leading to his exit. Dong-jae’s subsequent guilt highlighted the emotional undertones of the game.

A Web of Deception: Double Elimination in Episode 6

Episode 6’s Secret Numbers game became a graveyard of trust. The round saw Dong-jae, having accumulated significant pieces, changing allies and teaming up with Yoo-min and Hye-sung. However, as whispers of betrayal spiraled out of control, Yoo-min and Hye-sung found themselves ousted, with the revelations showing that Dong-jae had remained loyal.

Strategy Gone Wrong: The Professional Player’s Exit

Yeon-woo, a seasoned Go player, faced elimination during the Laying Grass game. Tasked with creating territories using Tetris-like pieces, Yeon-woo’s tactical approach faltered, culminating in a ruthless move by Seok-jin that confirmed her elimination.

Intriguing Twists and Harsh Lessons

Further, Seok-jin and Si-won’s prison scheme led to shocking results, with Si-won facing an unceremonious exit. Equation Hi-Lo, a complex game, whittled the seven contestants down to a mere trio, witnessing the exits of Kyung-lim, Yoo-min, Seungkwan, and Joon-bin.

Down to the Wire: The Climactic Showdown

The climactic moments of “The Devil’s Plan” saw Seok-jin, Orbit, and Dong-joo vying for the coveted title. Despite a collaborative strategy against guest player Kim Sa-rang, Dong-joo’s elimination followed a crucial gameplay error by Orbit.

The grand finale pitched Seok-jin against Orbit. Engaging in mentally taxing games like Nine Men’s Morris and Hexagon, both contestants gave their all. However, a lapse in Orbit’s analytical thinking cost him the title, crowning Seok-jin as the ultimate victor of “The Devil’s Plan.”

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