Amber Heard Returns to ‘Aquaman 2’ Amid Elon Musk’s Intense Warning

Behind the Scenes Tensions: Elon Musk Allegedly Intervenes to Save Amber Heard’s Role in ‘Aquaman 2’.

The waters were tumultuous behind the scenes of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” the anticipated sequel to the 2018 blockbuster, “Aquaman.” The storm centered around Amber Heard, who faced allegations and a high-profile trial with ex-partner Johnny Depp, where she claimed he was abusive and sought to blackball her from the industry.

Elon Musk's Bold Intervention Reportedly Saves Amber Heard's Role in 'Aquaman 2
Elon Musk’s Bold Intervention Reportedly Saves Amber Heard’s Role in ‘Aquaman 2

Recent revelations suggest there were moves to sideline Heard from the sequel due to perceived “lack of chemistry with Momoa,” according to insiders. Warner Bros. and the film’s director, James Wan, were purportedly on board with this decision. They even dispatched an official letter to Heard’s attorney, Karl Austen, indicating their intentions were unrelated to her issues with Depp.

However, the tides shifted with the alleged intervention of tech magnate Elon Musk, Heard’s former flame. As reported by Variety, Musk’s legal team sent a forceful letter to Warner Bros., purportedly threatening severe repercussions if Heard’s role was compromised.

This alleged ultimatum from Musk seems to have influenced Warner Bros.’ decision, leading them to retain Heard for the sequel. Concurrently, leading man Jason Momoa has faced accusations of unsavory on-set behavior and was rumored to have pushed for Heard’s ousting. The full story on that can be found here.

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