Billie Eilish Hits Back at Fashion Critics, Calls Them ‘Clueless’ and ‘Misogynistic Trolls’

Billie Eilish Fires Back at Fashion Naysayers, Labels Them ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Misogynistic Oddballs’

At just 21, pop sensation Billie Eilish has made it clear she’s not here for anyone’s unsolicited fashion advice. Well-known for her style metamorphosis—from an adolescent in oversized outfits to a bona fide fashionista gracing high-profile events like the Met Gala—Eilish isn’t immune to social media scrutiny.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the singer vented her exasperation. She pointed out that she’s spent half a decade under the spotlight, fending off judgments for her unconventional approach to gender norms, along with suggestions that she’d gain more appeal by appearing more feminine.

Pulling no punches, Eilish lambasted her detractors as “morons” and “clowns,” urging them to let women express themselves freely. She stressed that women are complex beings with diverse interests and shouldn’t be pigeonholed into societal stereotypes. She also dispelled the notion that femininity equates to weakness, stating that fluctuating styles and self-expression are wholly natural.

This isn’t a first for Eilish when it comes to confronting fashion critics. Earlier this year, she stirred controversy after sharing a video where she donned a cropped tee that revealed her belly button piercing and tattoo. While many applauded her, others accused her of hypocrisy, citing her past comments about objectification.

Eilish has been candid about the downsides of social media and its role in shaping public opinion. During a stint on Conan O’Brien’s podcast, she admitted to uninstalling certain apps to dodge the whirlpool of negativity. She also lamented how the internet often amplifies misinformation, leading people astray.

Despite facing a mixed bag of adoration and scorn for her ever-evolving style, the singer remains unwavering in her self-expression. Eilish encourages her fans to do the same: to question societal norms and to revel in their uniqueness.

Even amidst these challenges, Eilish’s star continues to ascend. She boasts a string of accomplishments, from Grammy accolades to magazine features, and is gearing up for a highly-anticipated performance in Paris, among other festival commitments this season.

As she weaves her way through the intricate tapestry of fame and personal evolution, Eilish is committed to liberating herself from external judgments and to remaining authentically herself. And she wants her fans to know they have the freedom to do the same.

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