The sports star left KTIV, heading towards a new and promising horizon

SIOUX CITY, IOWA – After 2 years with KTIV, Amber Salas, the beloved sports presenter, has officially announced her departure. This unexpected move made fans wonder about her journey to conquer new heights.

In her farewell post on social media, Amber expressed her deep gratitude to KTIV as well as the Sioux City community for accompanying her throughout this time. She also affirmed that she is very excited about the next projects in her career.

Although there is no official information about the next move, many sources revealed that Amber Salas could move to a larger market like Chicago or even a national level. With experience and professional skills, she has every chance of finding a worthy position.

Regardless of the destination, Salas’s departure promises to mark a new step in her career advancement. Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming announcement from the talented sports TV star.

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