TikToker Faces Backlash for Unusual Use of Tampons in Cooking Experiment

A TikToker is facing significant backlash due to her unusual cooking “hack” involving tampons, a move that many netizens find excessively unconventional for the culinary task at hand.

Within the realm of TikTok, particularly in the “Foodtok” community, individuals frequently share their culinary creations, seek advice from fellow food enthusiasts, or showcase delectable restaurant meals. Generally, Foodtok is a positive space for sharing creativity and culinary passion. However, one TikToker’s approach to managing excess grease has stirred controversy among viewers.

TikToker Sparks Controversy with Unconventional Use of Tampons in Cooking 'Hack,' Drawing Criticism from Online Community
TikToker Sparks Controversy with Unconventional Use of Tampons in Cooking ‘Hack,’ Drawing Criticism from Online Community

The scenario is familiar to anyone who has cooked ground beef or bacon—these meats tend to release excess grease during the cooking process, which accumulates in the pan. While most home cooks opt for the conventional methods of using a paper towel to absorb the extra grease or pouring it into a container for future use, one individual has adopted an extraordinarily unconventional approach.

On September 21, TikTok user Victoria shared her unique method for handling surplus grease: inserting two unused tampons into the meat and allowing the absorbent material to soak up the moisture. This unorthodox technique raised eyebrows and garnered a significant amount of criticism from viewers.

While tampons are considered safe by the FDA, concerns were expressed about the possibility of chemicals leaching into the meat. Some viewers were taken aback by the apparent wastefulness of this method, remarking, “What an expensive way to drain grease.” Others questioned the hygiene and safety aspects, leading one user to quip, “This is exactly why I don’t eat at other people’s houses.”

Although this approach is far from the recommended way to handle excess grease, it undoubtedly sparked a collective “WTF” moment on the internet. This incident adds to the list of strange viral hacks on TikTok, following the controversy surrounding a user’s “toaster steak” shortcut that received widespread criticism online.

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