TikToker’s McDonald’s Trick for Consistent Budget-Friendly Meals Gains Viral Attention.

In the vast realm of online foodie content, where gourmet dishes and luxurious dining experiences often steal the limelight, it’s the quick and easy hacks that sometimes truly resonate with the masses. TikTok, with its unique blend of creativity and brevity, has become a hotspot for sharing such frugal tricks, especially when it involves popular fast-food chains.

Viral TikToker Reveals Hack for Consistently Affordable McDonald’s Meals, But It's Not for Everyone.
Viral TikToker Reveals Hack for Consistently Affordable McDonald’s Meals, But It’s Not for Everyone.

Among the myriad of food content creators, Caroline.Shops stands out. While she’s known for her knack for thrifting stylish attire and vintage treasures, her expertise isn’t just confined to the world of fashion and decor. Caroline has an eagle eye for deals, including those that can help you score a McDonald’s feast without burning a hole in your pocket.

Her recent TikTok video, which skyrocketed to viral status in early October, demystified a clever tactic to secure a hearty McDonald’s meal at almost half the usual price, at least in the UK. Here’s how it works:

When you buy a budget-friendly item from McDonald’s, such as a small beverage, you typically receive a receipt with a code to provide feedback on the McDonald’s website. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to tediously fill out the survey. A few swift clicks later, after providing your email, you’ll receive a promo code. This code entitles you to a delightful meal for a mere £1.99, offering choices ranging from the iconic Big Mac to the newer McPlant. Combine this with the cost of your initial small beverage, and you’re looking at a grand total of roughly £3.18 — a significant markdown from the standard meal price.

While the hack was enlightening for many, some avid McDonald’s patrons commented, admitting they’ve been privy to this secret “for years.” A user even suggested a more cost-effective alternative: “Next time, order a dip for 10p, and you’ll still get a receipt.”

However, the hack does come with its limitations. Several users highlighted that their local McDonald’s outlets have transitioned to digital receipts, rendering this trick infeasible for them.

Nevertheless, for those with access to paper receipts, this hack serves as an enticing invitation to indulge in some McDonald’s favorites without the usual price tag. After all, who can resist the allure of a delicious deal?

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