What is ‘boy math?’ Unraveling the Viral TikTok Phenomenon.

A month ago, the term ‘girl math’ took TikTok by storm when New Zealand radio show hosts popularized it to explain their spending habits. This trend gained significant traction, accumulating millions of views as users shared their own interpretations. Now, a new trend has emerged to counter ‘girl math’ – ‘boy math’ has made its way to the platform. Here’s a comprehensive guide to TikTok’s latest trend.

What Is ‘Boy Math’ on TikTok?

While ‘girl math’ revolves around women playfully mocking their peculiar shopping logic, ‘boy math’ takes a more critical approach. Women are using this trend to highlight and humorously critique men’s hypocritical behaviors and habits.

For example, one TikTok creator humorously explained, “Boy math is when you tell a guy that something he said really hurt your feelings, and he responds with, ‘Well, I guess I’m never going to talk again since you can’t take a f****** joke.'”

What is ‘boy math?’ Unraveling the Viral TikTok Phenomenon.
What is ‘boy math?’ Unraveling the Viral TikTok Phenomenon.

With the hashtag garnering over 168 million views, many TikTok users are enthusiastically participating in ‘boy math’ by sharing their own interpretations and anecdotes. For instance, one user posted, “Boy math is taking half the credit for all the Christmas presents that he gave [zero contributions] to planning, purchasing, or wrapping.” Another user humorously chimed in, saying, “Boy math is adding a few inches to everything.”

As trends come and go on TikTok, it will be interesting to see what mathematical concept takes over next. For the latest entertainment news and trends, you can visit our page.

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