Women Use Fake Belly Buttons on TikTok to Disguise Their Actual Height in Latest Trend.

In the ever-evolving realm of beauty and aesthetics, TikTok stands as a pulsating hub for innovative trends. While some fade as quickly as they emerge, others profoundly shape the world of fashion and beauty. And now, an unusual beauty trick is captivating users, making leg-lengthening seem like a mere sticker away.
A new TikTok trend has women wearing fake belly buttons to make their legs look longer.
A new TikTok trend has women wearing fake belly buttons to make their legs look longer.

A trend that first found its footing on ‘Xiaohongshu’, China’s equivalent to TikTok, is now making waves internationally. Women are strategically placing fake belly button stickers slightly above their natural ones, aiming to craft an illusion of longer legs and a more defined waist.

While this might sound whimsical, the idea has gained serious traction. As it migrates from China to the global stage, particularly the US, many are lauding the transformative power of this makeshift beauty trick.

Discover the Magic for Less than $10

For those curious to take this trend for a test drive, eBay hosts sellers offering sheets of these “TikTok Simulation Belly Button Tattoo Stickers”. At a mere $8.99, enthusiasts can redefine their physique without breaking the bank.

Netizens, both on ‘Xiaohongshu’ and TikTok, have been vocal in their appreciation for the hack. Comments from admirers range from “A tool to lengthen short legs!” to more playful takes such as “Every beauty has two belly buttons! Here’s the secret to lengthening your legs!”

While the trend continues its triumphant march across social media platforms, users in the US, introduced to the hack, seemed equally enthralled. A comment encapsulating the surprise and allure of the trend quipped, “Wake up babe. A new beauty standard just dropped.”

The application is as simple as a temporary tattoo, but the results are nothing short of transformative. Many proponents believe it offers a step closer to achieving their “ideal body proportion.” As with all beauty trends, the longevity of this one remains to be seen. However, its current momentum suggests that for now, at least, the fake belly button reigns supreme on TikTok’s trend list.

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