Young Woman Discovers Rats in Her New Apartment, Netizens Shocked by the Revelation.

When Catherine Mulder moved into her new Austin apartment, she never expected to find two uninvited guests emerging from her toilet. Sharing her shocking discovery on TikTok, Catherine captured the attention of a whopping 2.6 million viewers.

“Just settled into my new place,” she began, the disbelief evident in her voice. “Not even half a minute after unlocking the door, I tried to flush the toilet because the water was off, and… surprise!” She then panned her camera to reveal a rat perched on her toilet seat. But the surprises weren’t over; as she filmed, another rat made its appearance, eliciting a scream from Catherine.

Unexpected Surprise: Catherine Mulder Discovers Two Rats in Her Toilet in New Austin Apartment
Unexpected Surprise: Catherine Mulder Discovers Two Rats in Her Toilet in New Austin Apartment

“I’m done,” she exclaimed, grabbing her belongings, ready to exit. The video’s cheeky caption read, “Forked out $2300 for some unexpected drama & unasked-for roommates.”

She later updated her followers, sharing that the apartment’s maintenance team had been promptly alerted. While they did find evidence of the rats – specifically, droppings on the toilet seat – they were uncertain about obtaining emergency pest control on such short notice. Their temporary solution? Flush repeatedly and keep the lid shut. Catherine, understandably, opted not to stay that weekend.

Even though the apartment management appeared responsive, Catherine voiced her uncertainties about the future in her apartment. On the upside, no further rat sightings had occurred since her dramatic move-in day.

Many viewers empathized with her plight, strongly suggesting she reconsider her living arrangements. One concerned viewer advised, “Terminate that lease ASAP! Those rats might become regular visitors.” Another chimed in, “Would’ve ended the lease in a heartbeat and demanded an immediate full refund.” The ordeal sparked relatable fears in another viewer: “The very thought of sitting there with those creatures lurking… a big no from me.”

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