Insider Secrets: How Some Shoppers Access Costco’s Food Court Without a Membership!

While many treasure the wholesale delights of Costco, not everyone springs for a membership. And although the bulk bargains are tempting, for some, it’s the food court’s allure that’s too hard to resist.

Jacob Lee, a non-member, learned this the hard way. With dreams of devouring Costco’s famed chicken bake, he ventured to the nearest store. Documenting his expedition on TikTok, viewers witnessed his revelation upon arrival: the need for a membership. “Hold on, I can’t even enter Costco without a card?” Lee mused aloud. His next attempt was more direct. Approaching a staffer, he inquired if a membership was essential for the food court. The answer? A resounding yes.

Cracking the Code: How Shoppers Sneak Costco Food Court Treats Without Membership!
Cracking the Code: How Shoppers Sneak Costco Food Court Treats Without Membership!

Lee’s dismay at missing out on the chicken bake was palpable. But as his video gained traction, fellow TikTokers came to the rescue, flooding him with clever workarounds. One viewer revealed, “Head in via the exit and use the food kiosk; no card required.” Another chimed in, suggesting, “Load a $5 Costco gift card and stroll right in.” A more daring tip was to feign interest in acquiring a membership, then stealthily detour to the food court.

Interestingly, some mentioned the pharmacy loophole: no membership is needed for pharmaceutical services, potentially granting access to the coveted food court.

Whether Lee braves another attempt, bolstered by the trove of tricks, remains a mystery. But thanks to the TikTok community, he now holds the keys to the Costco food court kingdom.

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