Jason Momoa as Lobo in the DC Universe: Is It True?

From Aquaman to “The Main Man”: Jason Momoa’s Potential Role as Lobo

After diving into the DCEU as Aquaman, Jason Momoa might be making waves of a different kind. With the upcoming sequel marking the end of the SnyderVerse and James Gunn now at the helm of the DCU, there’s buzz about Momoa stepping into the shoes of Lobo. So, what’s the deal?

From Aquaman to Lobo: Is Jason Momoa Shifting Roles in the Evolving DC Universe?
From Aquaman to Lobo: Is Jason Momoa Shifting Roles in the Evolving DC Universe?

Having made a splash in 2016’s Batman v Superman and later in his standalone Aquaman film, Momoa was a force to be reckoned with. But his initial entry into the DC universe wasn’t what fans might expect. Back when Zack Snyder reached out to him, Momoa anticipated embodying the galactic rogue, Lobo, not the King of Atlantis.

For the uninitiated, Lobo isn’t your regular DC character. Hailing from planet Czarnia, he’s the last of his kind, and self-proclaimed as “The Main Man”. Originating in 1983, the character underwent significant reimagining in 1990, leaning into a tongue-in-cheek parody of the likes of Wolverine and The Punisher. Lobo is a cosmic anti-hero, fighting for the highest bidder or the sheer thrill of the brawl, and his encounters span across some of DC’s most iconic heroes, from Superman to Aquaman.

Lobo’s abilities are a cosmic blend: think invulnerability, super-speed, and an uncanny talent for mayhem, complete with his signature chained hook. And it seems this character has been on Momoa’s radar for a while. Back in 2016, he imagined himself more as Lobo than Aquaman, further expressing interest in the character in later interviews.

Fueling the rumor mill, Momoa’s recent cryptic post hinted at a dream project in the works under Gunn and Peter Safran’s guidance. Add Gunn’s teasing Lobo image, and the fandom is abuzz with speculation. While Momoa’s switch from Aquaman to Lobo remains unconfirmed, it promises an intriguing evolution in the DC landscape.

And as for Zack Snyder? Despite fans’ hope and speculation, Momoa’s recent remarks suggest the director’s return might not be on the cards.

As we eagerly await official announcements and teasers, one thing is clear: the DCU’s horizon is packed with potential. Whether it’s Aquaman’s next adventure or Lobo’s entry, the universe is set to expand in thrilling ways. Dive into more superhero escapades with our comprehensive coverage on upcoming titles and franchises.

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